Art by Foxy

Every now and then I actually find the time to do some art that isn't school related.  :-) So... I thought that those of you out there in the blogging world might like to see some of it.  Well, here ya go.  Some of this is from a long time ago now....  but I just bet, when you look at these, you can see where my style comes from.  After all, I was a painter long before I became a clip artist. ;-)

All artist want positive feedback, so if you love one of these, let me know.  :-) If you hate something, don't tell me.  I'll cry.  lol 


  1. I LOVE your artwork - and I especially LOVE the design you created for my blog :) You are one talented lady!!!

    1. Awww.... thank you sooo much, Lynn! I am so glad you love it! :-) Your blog looks great! Christi does a fabulous job!!!