Sunday, February 9, 2014

I love to READ week!

Valentine's Day isn't exactly my favorite holiday. (It's not much fun when you're single.) But, I'm always trying to come up with ways to make it fun in the library. We've been out of school ALL week. (Believe me I've been using that time wisely... Working on our school yearbook and even a little painting and custom clip art work too... With a few strategically placed naps in between.;-)) We may even have MORE bad weather next week! (It doesn't take much to keep us out of school here in KY.) If we actually manage to be in school next week, I have some fun plans and I really think these plans would be fun not just in the library, but also in your classrooms! Give it a whirl! ;-)

Plan #1: I want to cover the library tables with bulletin board paper. I'm going to allow students to write on the table about the book they love most! Hopefully, others will read what they've written and it will inspire them to try a new book! Fun, huh? Since I only see students once per week, I guess I'll try to leave it on there for as long as it will hold up. :-) (Yes, I'm still planning as I go! Lol) 

Plan #2: Mystery Date With a Book. I did this last year. It's a little bit labor intensive for a time-cramped librarian, but the kids loved it and I got a few of them to try stuff they never would have picked out on their own. I even have all the resources you need in my TpT store. (It was one of the very first things I ever posted! Even before I started making clip art!)  I wrap up some of my favorite books (especially older ones that don't get circulated much) and put labels on the front telling the important information. Then, if they actually finish the book and take the AR test, they get a prize!



Plan #3: I'm not sure if I'll get to do this next week or not, but in the past, I've had a "Book Float Parade." (See the pictures above.) Students use a shoe box and decorate it like a tiny parade float to represent their favorite book. We tie ropes to them, blast the marching band music and drag them down the halls of our school while students who didn't make floats line the hallways to watch the parade go by! The kiddos love it... And so do I.  My float is always the same. It's a Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus float. My shoebox looks like the bus and my Pigeon stuffed animal sits on top. :-) (It really is my favorite book! I mean, can you think of any other read-aloud that would allow you to throw a hissy fit? You know we all want to sometimes!) Some of our teachers are even planning to do some writing to tie in with it. Woo hoo! I love it! Kids writing all about why they love their favorite book!
Hopefully, this post will inspire you to try something new in your classroom or library next week. There's a perfect book out there for everyone. Our job is to help them find it and these activities should give kiddos lots of ideas about what to read next!


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Super Sale going on now!

(Forgive me... I'm using my iPad to blog & I can't get this cute little sale button to work!
 Grrr! Please just click the word SALE above.) 

I started my sale just a bit early so that you football fans (like me) don't have to miss any of the game OR the commercials! (Isn't that the best part? Those Clydesdales get me every time!) So, who ya rootin' for?

My team's not playing, (I'm a Bears fan!) but I still have my favorite picked. I'm cheering for the Broncos! Peyton deserves it after being kicked to the curb by his former team. (Just my opinion... Don't hate! Lol) 

Don't like football? I didn't either until I obtained two stepbrothers in my late twenties & they forced me to start watching! I love it now that I'm starting to get it. I knew NOTHING about football. My high school didn't even have a team! I guess we just weren't a big enough school! 

For those of you who like my library lesson plans, week 21 will hopefully be up tomorrow night! Wish me luck on getting those done... Sometimes I'm sooooo lazy on the weekends! 

Iditarod Clip Art!

It occurred to me as I sold one of these this morning, that I had never shared my Iditarod clip art set with you! It is a set that is close to my heart since the huskies in the set are modeled after MY huskies. I would NOT recommend mushing with my two. I'm relatively sure they would run me right into a tree or something. :-) of course, as I'm lying there in pain they would probably be sweet enough to come back to lick my face. They are sweethearts, but a bit on the spastic side. Hmmm... Kind of like their mother (me). No wonder I have fallen in love with the most neurotic of dog breeds! Lol! Anyhoo... Here's a preview. Follow the link in the top left corner to see the rest of the set! :-)