Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Crafty Like a Fox!

Heads up! This post has nothing to do with TpT or even school!  (Well, unless you count the fact that I wore my craftiness to school today.)

I LOVE wearing boots in the fall and winter.  I have a pair of sweater UGGS that I got for a steal a couple of years ago.  (Did I mention that I'm cheap frugal?) I won't even tell you how cheap they were because you'll be mad at me for getting so lucky.  They were a returned item... and the only thing wrong with them was a little tiny pull in the stitching on one boot.  They are soooo comfy, and they go with EVERYTHING... when they wear out, I might have to break down and buy another pair... but I will cry if I have to pay full price!  ;-P

Anyhoo... on to my craftastic creation.  lol

Ok, seriously... I am such a dork!  I mean... just look at that face!  lol

It was "orange" day today. (For Red Ribbon Week... it's one of our school colors, so it's kinda like spirit day.) I didn't have enough orange in my outfit.  I was wishing that I had some orange boot socks.  I love boot socks.  I think it's because they remind me of slouch socks and leg warmers from the '80's and I am an '80's child! I have a few pairs of boot socks, but no orange ones.  Darn.  What's a girl to do?  I didn't have much time to come up with anything... but I knew I had an old orange t-shirt that I had already cut the arm out of to use for a headband. (See the picture of my fox sweater from last week.) So.... I cut the bottom out of it.  The whole deal seriously took less than 5 minutes.  (After all, I get up at 6:30 and am usually at school by 7:30. That's including the time it takes to stop and get my smoothie from Dairy Queen... and I did this all when I woke up this morning.)

Here.... I'll just draw you a diagram of what I did.  :-) 

I couldn't believe how many compliments I got on them today!  Believe me, I will be making more.  After all, who doesn't have tons of old school shirts laying around?  ;-)

Happy Halloween!


  1. Cute! I love being crafty with clothing too :-) Love those boots...never tried sweater boots. Do your feet get really hot when you wear them to work?

    1. I'm actually really hot natured & they don't bother me a bit! It's like wearing house shoes! They are sooooo comfy!