Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's Fall!

I think I'm a complainer... it always seems like I'm complaining.  I don't want to be like that!  I want to be positive...

But.... Fall is NOT my favorite season.  I love the colors, I love the cool days, but I HATE winter... and when fall comes, it's hard to enjoy it because I know that winter isn't far behind.  The days are shorter and sometimes the skies are so cloudy.... Some afternoons I just want to come home and go to bed, but I can't!  I have too much to do!!! 

However, my mama always says that every cloud has a silver lining.  My silver lining came in the mail today in the form of my new "LibraryFox" uniform, thanks to a fabulous sale (don't they always have fabulous sales at Old Navy?) and the most perfect sweater... it might as well have been custom made for me... and since it's fall and the weather is cooler, Imma gonna wear it tomorrow! 

I think I'm gonna rock it with my skinny dark brown cords (I really have an issue calling anything that I put on MY butt skinny... How can the jeans be skinny? I'm not! lol), pink boot socks and light brown boots.  Would a statement necklace be too much?  Nah... there's no such thing as too much!  ;-) Ok... yeah... there is, but I think it will be cute.  We shall see.  (Maybe I can remember to take a picture to post here... lol... I wouldn't count on it though!)

You know those days when you're soooo tired... guess what, the right message just always seems to come along to remind you why you need to keep going.  Here is the message I received in my inbox not too long ago:
I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much your lesson plans are helping me though this school year. I will be retiring at the end of this school year and yet I knew I needed new ideas and a new format to meet the needs of students. Your creativity has done this and more. I am excited too and look forward seeing what you are doing each week. Thank you for making year 35 a blast for me and my students."
You know what? I realized that my library lesson plans might be a help to those who are just starting out.  I know how I felt as new librarian... lost as a goose with no idea where to start.  There's no core content for library... there's no library curriculum in most school systems.  You kind of have to create a program from thin air... but to help someone who's been doing this for 35 years?!?!  Let me just say how wonderful that made me feel!  I feel privileged that someone so experienced thinks that my lesson plans are worthy of use in her library.  :-) All I can say is thank you.  In so many ways, TpT and the experiences it has allowed me to have are such a blessing. 

We're up to week 11 in the library.  I CANNOT believe that we have been in school for 11 weeks.  Time flies when you're having fun!!!  (I'm ready for time to slow down a little bit!)

Do you get to celebrate Halloween at your school?  What are your favorite Halloween books?  Here's a few of mine in case you're looking for a Halloween Read-Aloud for your class.  Some are just "Halloween-ish" in case you can't actually do Halloween stuff.  I linked them all to their descriptions on Amazon so that you can read about them, if you like.  :-)

  1. Creepy Carrots
  2. I Need My Monster
  3. Leonardo the Terrible Monster (by my favorite author, Mo Willems!)
  4. Froggy's Halloween (You've just got to love saying "Undervear" in your best vampire voice!)
  5. Scaredy-Cat, Splat!
  6. The Hallo-Weiner (Has a great underlying theme about bullying!)
  7. Hoodwinked (A sweet story about finding just the right pet.)
  8. The Bones of Fred McPhee
  9. Bone Dog (I absolutely adore this book, but I haven't been brave enough to use it for a read-aloud yet! I'm afraid I'll cry. If you are a dog lover, you have to read this one.)
  10. Wanda's Monster (This one doesn't have much info about it on Amazon, but after looking it up, I'm thinking I might need to list mine for sale on there... two used ones listed at over $4,000!?!?!?  Holy Cow! lol)
And before I go, I want to mention some new clip art I'm working on.  I had a request for some trees.  Not just any trees, but trees that represent each season... AND can even represent those seasons without being in color.  Anyone interested?  What else would you like to see in a set like that? I'm looking for ideas of other things to include in the set.  :-)  Thanks for your help!!! 

Have a great rest of the week! :-)


  1. Love this! I'm like you... I want to be positive, and in my soul, I am. But sometimes... sigh... I get overwhelmed.

    Tell me the story of that great sweater, please! I think I've lost track of you in my facebook life!

    Tammy @ Teaching FSL

    1. After 2 of my friends sent me messages to tell me I needed to buy the fox sweater, I finally ordered it from! I think I might need to order a second one so that I'll have a spare when I wear this one out! ;-)

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