Saturday, February 1, 2014

Iditarod Clip Art!

It occurred to me as I sold one of these this morning, that I had never shared my Iditarod clip art set with you! It is a set that is close to my heart since the huskies in the set are modeled after MY huskies. I would NOT recommend mushing with my two. I'm relatively sure they would run me right into a tree or something. :-) of course, as I'm lying there in pain they would probably be sweet enough to come back to lick my face. They are sweethearts, but a bit on the spastic side. Hmmm... Kind of like their mother (me). No wonder I have fallen in love with the most neurotic of dog breeds! Lol! Anyhoo... Here's a preview. Follow the link in the top left corner to see the rest of the set! :-)

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