Saturday, February 1, 2014

Super Sale going on now!

(Forgive me... I'm using my iPad to blog & I can't get this cute little sale button to work!
 Grrr! Please just click the word SALE above.) 

I started my sale just a bit early so that you football fans (like me) don't have to miss any of the game OR the commercials! (Isn't that the best part? Those Clydesdales get me every time!) So, who ya rootin' for?

My team's not playing, (I'm a Bears fan!) but I still have my favorite picked. I'm cheering for the Broncos! Peyton deserves it after being kicked to the curb by his former team. (Just my opinion... Don't hate! Lol) 

Don't like football? I didn't either until I obtained two stepbrothers in my late twenties & they forced me to start watching! I love it now that I'm starting to get it. I knew NOTHING about football. My high school didn't even have a team! I guess we just weren't a big enough school! 

For those of you who like my library lesson plans, week 21 will hopefully be up tomorrow night! Wish me luck on getting those done... Sometimes I'm sooooo lazy on the weekends! 

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