Thursday, March 21, 2013

24 hour BOGO Sale...

I've never tried this before, but two days of no TpT sales has me kind of bummed.  I admit it.  So, Imma gonna sweeten the pot.  If you've been wanting something from my TpT store, but just haven't bought it yet, now's the time! By one set, get one set that's equal or lesser value for free.  This sale will only last 24 hours from the time stamp on the bottom of this post.  Here's how it will work:
Pay for the higher (or equal priced) item on TpT.  Email me: and tell me your TpT username and what product you want for free. DO NOT BUY THE SECOND SET ON TPT!!!  I'll email it to you ASAP.  :-) How's that sound?  Here's hoping it sounds good!  Send your friends and send them here too, because what I posted last night about giving something away when I get to 50 blog followers still stands! Do I sound desperate? I'm getting there!  ;-) Visit my store by clicking my button on the right hand side! :-)
Thanks for being my bloggie buddies!  It's almost Friday!

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