Sunday, August 4, 2013

Back to School... Almost... and random ramblings

Well, I did my training that I had to co-lead on Friday.  I didn't throw up (yeah, me!) but it didn't go completely smooth either. No details, but several really sweet co-workers sent me messages afterwards to tell me that I did a great job (they were just being nice.  lol) and encourage me.  :-)  I made it through it, I didn't throw up or die, so it's a big success to me.  ;-)

I didn't realize it, but I don't have to go to the training tomorrow!  Woohoo!  It is for classroom teachers only, so I am exempt!  One more day to enjoy... err... well, you should see my house right now.  I'm not so sure about the enjoying part.  I'm getting new cabinets installed tomorrow and my house is completely upside down.  It is not helping my anxiety.  lol  The pictures are crummy, but you get the idea.  Hopefully, I'll have some prettier pictures in the next few days!  :-)

My poor dining room table
The sad kitchen with no cabinets
& the little fridge that will be moved to the garage

living room & new fridge

So... tomorrow night is open house.  I never get to stay in the library.  I always have to help hand out transportation info and stuff like that.  Oh well.... best part is, I get to see my kiddos!  I love that part.  I've said before that I get really stressed out at back to school time, but that's the part that keeps me going!  I already know all of the kids at open house.  I don't have a whole new group to get to know (except K kiddos and move ins!). I already know these kids and I've missed them.  There will be a lot of hugging and squeezing going on tomorrow night.  I need that.  :-) 

Now... on to something else... 

I recently made a new bloggy friend.  I've been using some of her stuff for a while.  Her name is Jaime Locke and she's from Alaska!  I finally emailed her and told her how much I loved her readers' theater stuff and we decided to do a combo giveaway... some of her stuff, and some of mine as a back to school treat!  We don't have all of the details worked out yet, but as soon as we do, I'll let you know!  Anyway, go over and show Miss Jaime some love.  :-) 

Another bloggy friend, Laura, is having a giveaway on her blog!  Not only is she giving away her awesome Teacher Guide Unit, she's also giving away a $20 Target gift card!  I love Target!  I wish I had one closer to me!  :-) Go visit this very sweet teacher and show her how great she is! 

On a final note...  I am going to share something that always makes me smile.  My silly husky, Keimo wearing his "T-Birds" Greaser jacket & some shades!  He's even smiling at you!  I love that dog!  :-)

Have a wonderful Sunday evening!