Thursday, May 30, 2013

Linking up with Mrs. Russell's Room!

Before I talk about the linky party I'm joining up with, I have some exciting news!  We have a winner for the 100 follower giveaway!  Cheryl Gaudiano Ener!  Woohoo!  I just emailed you about your prize! 

Tamara had a fabulous idea for a linky party!  Fun in the sun!  What did you do this week that was just for fun!?!  Regardless of what everyone thinks, teachers do not stop everything and sit around eating bon bons in the summertime.  In fact, most of us keep on working.  Summer is the time to change EVERYTHING for the next year.  In the case of librarians, some of us are even REQUIRED to work during the summer months.  Like me, I have to get a certain number of extended days in... so I did work SOME this week, but I also played a little.  :-)

What did I do for myself this week?  Just for fun?  Well, my idea of fun may not be someone else's.  Lol.  I admit it, I'm a bit weird.  Ok, more than a bit.  Yesterday, I volunteered to go help Greg, from Kindergarten Smorgasboard, move all of his stuff to a new school.  Yeah, I know, that doesn't sound like much fun, but it gave me an excuse to finally meet him in person, a chance to love on his completely adorable dog, Mr. Butters, AND an excuse to go to the big city... Nash-Vegas!  While I was there, we ate at a yummy lunch spot AND I was able to finally score my PLUM Fiestaware (that's the dark color in the picture that almost looks black) that I have been looking for FOREVER.  The picture below is all of my colors...  I'm going to pretend that you care.  lol.  Now all I need is Sunflower and I'm done.  (Yeah right...  when they come out with the new color, Lapis, I'll wind up wanting that one too.  I LOVE color!  I can't help myself... I've wanted these dishes for YEARS & never could afford them... amazing what a sale can do to you!!! I only buy one set at a time! lol)

I am sooooo tired today though.  I really need to get up and go to the library to work on inventory, but my arms feel like they are a mile long. lol  I'll get over it.  I'm a big whiney baby & I know it! 

Have a good day.... on purpose! :-)


  1. OOO I LOVE fiestware! I have the shamrock, tangerine, chocolate, and turquoise. I am SO jealous that you got to hang with GREG! How fun and how THOUGHTFUL are you!
    Happy Day! Happy SUMMMMMMMER!

  2. Carmen, they are like potato chips! You can't have just one! I have lemongrass, tangerine, scarlet, turquoise and plum. I keep thinking about getting shamrock because I love green, but I already have the lemongrass! I think I just need to buy them all. lol... Greg was awesome, but Butters was the highlight of the day! ;-)

  3. I love the variety of colors! Such fun:) Sounds like a great week all around.

    The Resourceful Apple

  4. So jealous that you and Greg got to hang out!! :) Nash-Vegas!! Who came up with THAT!! :) Too cute! :) Love your plates! You know I can't say no to purple!! Thanks for linking up!!


    1. Tamara, I can't really say no to purple either.... but then again, I can't really ever say no to COLOR!!! :-) Greg is awesome! He's so much fun!

  5. I love the way your signed this post: "Have a good day.... on purpose!" Absolutely! Love it!

    1. Carrie... I can't take credit for it. I was at an art show the other day, and a lady said that to me. I loved it so much that I keep trying to remind myself to DO it. :-) What better way to remember than to say it like a mantra. I'm a natural born whiner... so I have to work at it. lol