Sunday, May 5, 2013

Soda Fountain Clip Art... and I have my Internet back!

So... a story first.  I have my internet back. Yay!!! It was almost a catastrophe though.  Bella, my 3 year old white rescue doggie (on the left) is quite a character.  Keimosabi, my more mature fella on the right is pretty much an angel dog.

Anyway, Bella has a funny habit. (Actually, she has quite a few weird habits. lol) Every time I get a package left on my porch, she wants to open it.  The first time, I understood it.  It was some chips that I had ordered because I couldn't get them around here... food.  Dog... powerful nose. I got it.  The second time, I just thought it was because she was mad that I didn't get home until late.  I gave her a lecture and a tiny spanking.  ("No, no, Bella... naughty girl" and I bopped her on the butt with the box.) Now I give up.  She opened my modem! She had it completely out of the box and out of the plastic and laying in the yard!  Thank goodness I got home before it started to rain!  She didn't hurt it, but I guess I need to call the post office and tell them NOT to leave things on my porch anymore! So, this is a long story just to say that I'm so glad Bella didn't eat the modem and now I'm back online! WooHoo! 

Now that I'm back online, I want to share that I posted a new set.  It's a cute little soda fountain set.  It was custom for a friend, but I thought I'd share it on TpT.  Go check it out. Maybe you can think of something to use it for.  Maybe how to make a coke float? Who knows!?! 

Hope y'all have had a more productive weekend than me...  I've been lazy.  :-)

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