Monday, June 3, 2013

2 New NEON Sets... ink pens and "The Man Set!"

It was recently pointed out to me that only southerners say ink pens.  Lol.  I never really thought about that.  I guess it's just because when we say pen, it sounds more like "pin!"  Oh well, I am a southern girl.  Can't help it, but I've gotten a little better. I inherited two northern step-brothers a few years ago and they make fun of me CONSTANTLY! My personal favorite was when I went to WalMart with one of them and I asked him if we needed a buggy. He looked at me like I'd just sprouted a unicorn horn and tail. I pointed and he said, "You mean a cart? Buggies are for babies."

So now I have to ask... because of my step-brothers.  Do any of you know what a "Bubbler" is?  First person to answer correctly gets their choice of the ink pen set or the "Man Set"... 

Here they are! 

Have a great day, y'all... on purpose!


  1. Its not a word we use here in the UK but when I was in the US recently I heard it being used and apparently its what I would call a water fountain. Its funny how we all speak the same language but there are so many differences. The times I've been asked to explain what trainers are...too many!

    1. We don't say Bubbler here in Kentucky, but I thought it was hilarious when I heard my step-brother from Wisconsin say it! The differences in what people say amaze me! Email me and I'll send you whichever set you want, since you were the only one who answered! :-)

  2. Haha! This post made me giggle! My sister-in- law always says ink pen and she's from Massachusetts. I always teased her by saying, "as opposed to a quill pen?" Ha! Love how we have different names for things throughout the US like in NH we call Italian sandwiches (and such) subs or submarine sandwiches and other places call them "hero" sandwiches. We say water fountain here in NH unless directly talking about a water bubbler which dispenses water in a different way. When I lived in Georgia I loved how people referred to soda as pop. So fun! Your graphics are adorable! :-)