Sunday, June 23, 2013

Stand by... we're having technical difficulties

Seriously!?!?  Yahoo is giving me a fit!  I have a "rocketmail" address.  It's the one I use for all of my clip art creations.  I log into it every single day.  I even use it to send myself files sometimes.  It's just the way I do it.  (Yes, I know how to use dropbox and I have it.  lol) Suddenly, I stopped receiving my messages.  People started contacting me on facebook to see what was going on because they were getting messages bounced back to them!  All yahoo could tell me was that they must have had my address wrong!  Sure!!!  I don't know my own email address!?!?!?  So, I haven't had a chance to fix everything.  Today was my dad's birthday and I had a cookout here for him.  I've got tons of mini-me's to finish, I just got back from WI and I need to go to work this week to finish my inventory at the library... on top of all that, summer's nearly half over.  :-( Can you tell I'm feeling a little bummed and overwhelmed?  (I hate it when I turn into a 'Negative Nelly!') Anyhoo, I suppose I will start switching everything over to a new email account.  For now, I have created a gmail account. So if you're looking for me, email me there.  :-)

Ok... now, for some happier news.  I made something!  Mustache letters!!!  Take a look! 
Yep... it still has my rocketmail address on the cover.  Grrr.... something else I need to change.  I get very frustrated with technical issues. 
Bare with me.  I'll try to be back to my sunshiney self soon. 
Have a good day tomorrow... On purpose.  (I know I'm going to try to!)

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