Sunday, June 2, 2013

Go visit my buddy for a giveaway... and I've posted a Genre set!

I actually posted this set on TpT little while back, but I had so many other things to share lately that it got put on the back burner!  I was asked to make a set for ELA genres.  By no means does this set cover EVERY genre, but it does have things for fiction/nonfiction, fairytales, fables, folk tales and poetry.  I plan to make another genre set when I have time.... but man! I have been busy with the clip art! (I am NOT complaining! :-) I love it!)


 Now for the second part of my post.  My buddy Greg, over at Kindergarten Smorgasboard asked me if I'd help him out with a giveaway.  Of course, I said YEAH!!!  So head over to his blog to enter!  Maybe you can win something from my store.  :-) 
The weekend is almost over so...
Have a great week.... on purpose!


  1. Just entered over there after your comment. I'm hoping I win as I am a big fan of yours! Happy sleeping...and napping to you too!

  2. I love your cute clipart. I look forward to stocking up when I get some more funds.

    Charlene/Diamond Mom
    Diamond Mom's Treasury