Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A couple of new things & a pretty boat

Yep... if you already know me, you know that I'm very random.  Well, today that randomness paid off a bit.  I went into Paducah, KY to get my hair done... then I decided to go down to the riverfront to hit one of my favorite places (& I only get to go during the summer because they are only open during the day) called Kirchoff's Bakery.  Thank goodness I did that.  Normally, I would have just headed in the other direction to the mall area and gotten something to eat over there.  Not today!  When I got to the riverfront and went to park my car, I looked up and saw the stacks of a beautiful riverboat peeking over the top of the flood wall!  I wish I had brought along my "real" camera, but alas, I only had my iPhone.  I had to snap some pics anyway.  Here's my favorite. 
Someday, I am going to go on a riverboat cruise!
I also went to do a little shopping.  Old Navy had a fabulous sale going on for cardholders.  40% off of anything (including clearance!!!) when you use your Old Navy card!  If you have one, you better get off your computer and go to the store because today is the last day.  I honestly don't know what I'd do if it weren't for Old Navy's clearance racks!  (Go nekkid maybe?  Ewwww...  lol)
I've yapped long enough.  I've got to get to the important stuff.  I have a couple of new things in my store to tell you about.  First up, I have a new clip art set.  I try not to make things that I don't like... lol, but I really, REALLY like this set.  It is fun to play with.  It's a build your own robot set!  There are tons of pieces that you can use in lots of combinations to make your own little cutie pie robots!  Go take a look!
Now, the second thing is for all of my fellow librarians out there.  Teacher planners never really have everything that I need... so, I decided to make my very own handy dandy library planner.  It has things especially for librarians like a table to keep track of lost books and when they are paid for, book fair planning, and a page to keep track of what's left in the library budget.  I hope it works for you as well as I think it's going to work for me!  I've already got mine printed and in a binder! 
Gotta get back to work... I have sooo much to do!  Lots of mini-me's, a monster set and tons of things that I need to finish before school starts.  I don't even want to think about how close that is getting.  :-(
Y'all stay cool!


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    1. :-) Thanks, Sara! I kinda love them too. I'm trying to think of a great story to go along with them. Any ideas? I can't think of a single robot story off of the top of my head!