Friday, July 26, 2013

American Symbols, Technology, & a cute little superhero

I was just watching the news this morning.  Someone has vandalized the Lincoln Memorial with green paint.  :-(  I just am amazed at the ugliness of people.  I know we all have our moments, but why can't people just be respectful! 

It was kind of ironic that this was discovered the day after I drew the Lincoln Monument for this American Symbols set.  I really enjoyed "cartoonizing" all of the symbols that I could think of.  My personal favorite is the smiling presidents on Mt. Rushmore! 

I also uploaded a technology set. 
I've had all of these images for a long time, but just never made a set. 

Plus, this set is super affordable since I didn't have to spend much time on it.  Just $2!  :-)
Now on to that cute little superhero. 
A little while back, I had a mini-me request from Heather over at Kickin' it with class. 

Hers was a little different from the norm.  Usually people want their mini-me to look like them and be dressed like them.  Heather had the idea to make her mini match her theme for her classroom... and that's where the superhero comes in! 
After she got her mini-me, she was sweet enough to send me an email to show me one of the ways she is using her little hero.  She put her on her postcards that she's sending to her new students this year!  I'm so proud! :-)

I seriously love it.  I'm thinking I might need my own little library superhero... lol... or maybe a little book doctor, since I always talk about the Book Doctor at the beginning of the year when we learn how to take care of books.  Ooohhhh... that's a good idea.  Got to go make that right now! 
Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Thanks! Love your technology set too!! I love my mini me and can't wait for all my students to see her! Just wait to you see what I have up my sleeve for my classroom door!!!

    Kickin' It With Class

    1. Girl! Make sure you send me a pic or a link when you get it done! I can't wait! There's nothing that makes me smile any bigger than someone using and loving my art!