Saturday, July 13, 2013

I've been a busy girl... lol

So much for relaxing on the beach.  lol... I'm kidding.  I really did have a great time while on my mini vacay, but on the way there and on the way home & was drawing, drawing, drawing.  I didn't have wifi at our beach house, so I had to wait to upload when I got home...  I still have more to upload, but I got two sets ready today PLUS I'm giving something new a try on etsy.  :-) 

1st up is a calendar set.  You don't HAVE to use it for calendars, but it has all of the months and the days of the week, along with numbers, special occasions and chalkboard elements to decorate with.  If you have some of that adorable chalkboard paper, this would look cute as pie with it, but it also includes some background papers of its own! 

Next up is a set that shows a step by step process of how to build a sandcastle.  It would be perfect for a representation of "How to's!"

The third thing isn't exactly a school thing...  but I guess it could be.  I made it for a friend, but I decided to give it a try on etsy.  Take a look.  It would make a cute gift for someone needing encouragement, a new baby, etc.
Let me know what you think.  :-) 
Have a great weekend!!! 


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  2. I absolutely love the card you made for your friend! A few months ago I started shopping etsy for gift ideas like this - handmade cards that I can purchase a simple frame for and give as birthday gifts, encouragement cards, etc. Let me know how I can find your shop on etsy! Deb

    Crafting Connections